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UV Resins And Glues - How To Use Them When Tying Flies?

Category: Fly Tying | Author: Czechnymph

Basic overview of the main use of UV resins and glues in tying artificial flies.

UV Clear Fly Finish Loon Oudoors Thin

UV resins have become a common part of the modern fly tyer's equipment. If you are still hesitant to use them, here is a brief overview of where UV varnishes and glues are useful.

Bottom line, UV resins and glues are useful for tying:

✅ Shiny hard heads, bodies or thorax of flies
✅ Special freshwater and saltwater streamers
✅ Symmetrical and transparent "Epoxy buzzers"
✅ Shrimp eyes, but also 3D eyes for fish imitations
✅ Original translucent backsides of freshwater shrimps
✅ Modern subtle nymph patterns such as Perdigone
✅ Highlighting elements - "trigger points" - on the fly, etc.

❗ Read the detailed tying tutorial for all the benefits of UV varnishes and glues and use their different consistencies to quickly create effective and efficient fly patterns!

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A short video from Loon Outdoors showing the application of UV resin:

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