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How to wade safely in the river?

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Basic information on safe wading in the river while fishing.

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It is important to observe the following safety precautions when wading in the river:

  • Know the river: before wading, it is important to find out how deep and wide the river is, as well as its current and places with current.
  • Suitable equipment: use suitable wading equipment such as wading boots or wading trousers. These shoes will provide you with strength and stability when walking in the river. A wading stick can also be useful.
  • Proceed slowly and carefully: take your time when wading and proceed slowly and carefully. Watch out for rocks and other obstacles that may be slippery.
  • Hold on tight: If possible, hold on to a solid object such as a tree or rock for extra support and stability.
  • Life jacket: If you are a beginner or don't feel safe wading, use a life jacket to get extra support in case you slip or get swept away by the current.
  • Don't use electronics: don't use electronics such as a phone or camera unless they are protected by a waterproof case.
  • Be aware of your limits: never get carried away and wade in the river if you are unsure of your abilities or if the river is too deep or the current is too strong.

It's always best to check with an expert or local fisherman beforehand about the safety of wading in a particular river.

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