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Wading Stick

Category: Fly Fishing Tackle | Author: Czechnymph

What is a wading stick and what is it used for?

Wading Stick

A wading stick is a special type of stick used when wading rivers, streams or other bodies of water. These sticks are characterized by a solid handle and a long and durable telescopic end.

The wading stick is used to:

  1. Increase stability: when wading, the stick is used to provide additional support and stability.
  2. Finding Depth: The stick is used to find the depth of the water so you know how deep to wade and to avoid rocks and other obstacles.
  3. Finding the quality of the bottom: A wading stick is also used to find out the quality of the bottom so you know if it is soft or hard, which can help you choose where to wade.

A wading stick is a useful accessory for anyone who engages in outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, or outdoor adventures where there is a need to wade through bodies of water.

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