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25th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship 2012
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Category: Fly Tying | Author: Sasa Erlih

Results and the best flies of 2012 Fly Tying Competition.

Overall title won the fly "Laška mladoletnica"

This year´s overall winner is Aleš Lukmar, Slovenia

Slovenian Fishing Association (FAS) organized already a 25th anniversary Slovenian Open Championship for the best artificial fly and 14th National Championship. This year we received 56 flies, submitted by tiers of nine (9) countries: Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Canada, Kosovo, Germany, Serbia, the United States of America and Slovenia. The tiers competed in four categories: dry flies, nymph/wet flies, streamers and realistic patterns.

We are pleased that our persistent persuasion towards domestic tiers bears fruit. The reason for our joy is the rising number of imitations from Slovenian tiers and the ever growing quality of the products of authors from Slovenia. The culmination of it is in first two places in absolute terms, as well as other good results of our tiers in several categories. We should shed light on first and second place in the category of larvae and realistic patterns and a few rankings just below the podium. Thanks should be directed to a good basis of Slovenian fly tying school, mentors and also to the fishing associations with our gorgeous waters, which provide the motivation for ever evolving imitations for fooling the trout that has seen them all.

On the other hand, it's the first time in last three years of fly-tying jury, consisting of Luka Hojnik (President), Bostjan Podbevsek, Denis Obad and Sasa Erlih, that the number of imitations fell slightly. The reasons could be uncountable, but we are determined to do all, to upturn this year's trend in years to come. It is important to emphasize the quality of the products, despite a somewhat lesser participation, is still at an enviable level. Flies of superior quality have been shown by foreign tiers, especially from Australia with the winner in the category of dry flies and Italy with the victory in the category of streamers. With excellent flies was represented a group of already known and proven tiers from the space of former Yugoslavia, from which the individual flies deserve a highest praise internationally. On this occasion, the jury would like to thank all participants for the effort and for the trust, which is essential for making this second oldest fly-tying competition in Europe alive.

The work was implemented in accordance with the Commission's rules, under the established methodology based on the following tying elements - the symmetry/relationship between the elements, quality and technical excellence, the adequacy of materials, general impression and innovation. After completing the evaluation, we recalculated the total number of points for each product and ranked them accordingly. Following was the verification of coded flies with the tiers data.


The Open Championship overall title won the fly "Laška mladoletnica" in the category "Nymphs/Wet flies" tied by Ales Lukmar, Slovenia, achieving 367 points of 400, the runner up was also from the category "Nymphs" "Softex Heptagenia", tied by Simon Urbas from Logatec, and overall third place was split between the imitations "Stonefly" by Herold Holger from Germany and a "Dry fly" "Trigger emerger" by Karsten Neben, from Australia. The first three tiers are also winners in the category of Nymphs!

Trigger emerger

Winner in the category of "Dry flies" is a "Trigger emerger" by Karsten Neben, Australia (reaching 345 points), the second place went to Vladimir Mikec - Miki with a dry imitation of "Perla Maxima", and the third place took Mrs. Tina Possnig with a fly "Prosojna - transparent".

Winner in the category of streamers is Davide Sacchi of Italy, with his streamer "Antirevers Intruder" (323 points), followed by Alfons Schefhold from Germany with his "Rainbow shrimp" and the third place won a pattern "Sepia Deer Hair" by Herold Holger - also from Germany.

Among the realistic imitations Vladimir Mikec - Miki from Vrhnika, Slovenia wins the first place with the pattern "Blatnica", followed by also known Slovenian tier Matjaz Moder with "Čmrlj/Bumblebee", third place was taken by Stojan Josimović from Kosovo with his "Ecdyonurus transformation."

In the National Championships in tying artificial flies, we would like to congratulate all new and multiple winners, as well as those who remained close to the podium. First and second place in the category of Nymphs in Nationals rankings as well as the Open Championship took Mr. Lukmar and Mr. Urbas. Congratulations also go to Mikec - Miki from Vrhnika (Slovenia) for first place in the category of realistic patterns and second in the category of dry flies in the Open Championship of Slovenia, which on a national level translated into first places in categories realistic patterns and dry flies. First place in the category of streamers took Mr. Matjaz Moder with an imitation of "Squid".

This year's awards ceremony will be held on Saturday 26th of May 2012 in hotel Hvala, restaurant "Topli val" in Kobarid (Soča valley), starting at 10 AM. The winners of both competitions will be informed on the details of event and following fishing on Tolmin fishing district waters due time. Billboards with all participating flies will be on display at the hotel premises, with the awarded flies in the honorable place in cabinets and all others, which will join the award winning flies of past competitions.

In conclusion, on behalf of the fly tying jury we would like to thank all participants and congratulate the winners. Sincerely and proudly we are looking back on the work that has been accomplished during first 25 years and are looking forward to your participation at the 26th Slovenian Open Fly-tying Championship 2013 - a warm welcome!

Photos: Luka Hojnik,  www.flyfish-slovenia.com

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