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Category: Fly Fishing Tackle | Author: Samuel Piekar

Basic overview of essential tool for modern nymphing (French, Euro Nymphing) - strike indicator.

Leader Strike Indicator Hends

In the article on French leaders I did not mention the other necessary components of the nymphing set up - The strike indicator.

The strike indicators (or bite indicators) help us to make the best possible recognition of the fish's bites. It is important to see the indicator well, even in low light conditions.

The most commonly used indicator is the so-called Bicolor indicator, which is a two-color strong line, most often in yellow and orange.

Typical indicator lengths are between 15 - 40 cm.

Tip: I recommend using black-colored indicators such as Bite Indicator Bicolour Hanák Competition or Tricolour Indicator Line Hanák Competition. Black spots on the indicator can be made with an alcohol marker, but it does not last very long.

In addition to Bicolor indicators, other types of strike indicators are used - drop indicators, spiral indicators and braided indicators.

Drop indicator - this is a piece of bicolor, which is additionally supplemented with colored balls / drops (yellow, orange, black) made of UV glue, thanks to which the indicator can be seen very well.

Spiral indicator - the spirals are partly used as shock-absorber during the strike. Spiral indicators are made of colored lines and bicolors, usually about 15 cm in length, but over time the spiral begins to straighten and then have a length of about 30 - 40 cm. How to make the  spiral indicator is illustrated in the following video:

Braided indicator - straight indicator, which is made of the same material as the braided loops and ends on both sides with a micro ring. Good braided indicator is available from Hends Products: Leader Strike Indicator Hends.

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