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Carp Fly Fishing - Tips & Tricks

Category: Fly Fishing Articles
Ála Richie (Czech Republic)
A universal guide to fly fishing for carp, which contains everything you need to know about fly fishing for carps in ponds and rivers - technique, carp fly fishing tackle and best carp flies.

9 basic mistakes when learning Euro Nymphing

Category: Fly Fishing Techniques
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
I observed the 9 basic mistakes that beginners usually do when they learn the Euro Nymphing Technique.

10 Tips for Summer Fly Fishing

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
My top 10 tips for fly fishing during the hot summer.

What is the best fly rod for the European rivers?

Category: Fly Fishing Tackle
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
The most frequent question from our customers is about the best fly rod...

Leader Boiling

Category: Other Fly Fishing Articles
Nick Whatton (United Kingdom)
What are the reasons behind boiling the mono leaders and how to do it?

Hooked on the Ladies

Category: Fly Fishing Destinations
Peter Driver (Ireland)
Article about grayling fishing on the Welsh river Dee.

Top 10 Fly Fishing spots in the Czech Republic

Category: Fly Fishing Destinations
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
However subjective this topic can be - here are the author's best fly fishing locations in the Czech Republic.

Czech Nymphing

Category: Fly Fishing Techniques
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
The article that summarizes all about the Czech nymphing technique.

The French Nymph

Category: Fly Fishing Techniques
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
The French nymphing technique from Czech point of view...

The French Nymph – how and why to fish it!

Category: Fly Fishing Techniques
Dan Svrček (Czech Republic)
Why use the French nymph? – fishing the French nymph technique has many fundamental advantages and differs from classic Czech nymph fishing...
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