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Blue Winged Olive CDC

Blue Winged Olive CDC Blue Winged Olive CDC, Size 17
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Code: FMT272317 Size: 17 Unit price: 1,7 EUR Stock: 10 pcs Shipping: promptly -+
Code: FMT272319 Size: 19 Unit price: 1,5 EUR Stock: 6 pcs Shipping: promptly -+
Code: FMT272321 Size: 21 Unit price: 1,5 EUR Stock: 9 pcs Shipping: promptly -+

A great imitation of upwing duns, fish with complete confidence whenever you see fish rising to the natural. With its pale olive body and barred tail filaments this BWO imitation should match the natural and tempt even the shyest of fish.

Producer: Fulling Mill
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