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Single Handed Fly Rods

Single handed fly fishing rods are the traditional and most used fly fishing rod at all! Their undisputed advantage is that they are light and very comfortable for fishing and casting with them! Lightweight single handed fly rods with the AFTMA 1-6 markings are mostly made with a cigar-type handle that the hand easily adapts to, and the rods with this type of handle are usually predestined for finer river fly fishing. Rods in the AFTMA 7 and more category are mostly with US type of handle. In this type of handle, we easily deny our thumb and achieve good stamina in long casts on still water or when casting with a heavier streamer.

Nowadays, mainly 4-piece fly fishing rods are manufactured in different lengths, categories and designs. If you have a problem when choosing from our extensive assortment of quality single handed rods, do not hesitate to contact us! We are very happy to advise you when choosing your fly fishing rod!

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