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Fly Rod Hends CSR Fly Rod Hends CSR 9043/1043 (9,4 - 10,4 ft 3#)
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Code: CSR_9043/1043 Size: 9,4 - 10,4 ft (285 - 315 cm), AFTMA 3 Unit price: 349,0 EUR Stock: 1 pcs Shipping: promptly -+
Code: CSR_9044/1044 Size: 9,4 - 10,4 ft (285 - 315 cm), AFTMA 4 Unit price: 349,0 EUR Stock: 1 pcs Shipping: promptly -+
Code: CSR_9042/1042 Size: 9,4 - 10,4 ft (285 - 315 cm), AFTMA 2 Unit price: 349,0 EUR Stock: 2 pcs Shipping: promptly -+

Special collection of competition fly rods Hends CSR - Competition Special Rod!

An outstanding series of fly rods that fits mainly for fly fishing on running water! This series basically comes from a phenomenal and original 2-in-1 rod collection where you can only go with a single rod and depending on the circumstances and conditions, you can flexibly change rod length from 9,4 to 10,4 ft! These type of fly rods are very practical and modern because of their versatility! You can use both dry and wet fly (shorter version of rod lenght) and they will greatly serve as nymph specials for traditional nymphing or modern nymphing techniques with french leader and small tungsten nymphs.

The IM 12 graphite, which is "reinforced" with nano-fiber, was used to produce these new fly rods. In this way, a very solid material is produced, which is also resistant to damage. Thanks to this material, the rods could be light, powerful and very durable. Nowadays producers and fishermen combine all ways in different fishing methods. HENDS Products went in a similar way and outlined the properties they wanted to keep from the GPX range of fly rods. Therefore, the new CSR line of fly rod remains the incredible ease of the members, dynamics and performance. Another great think on this fly rods are single-foot eyes, so that the wet fly lines does not stick to the blank of rod - making it possible to cast very small nymphs even in the rain. The rod was fitted with a larger number of these eyes to amplify this effect!

In addition, manufacturers have been inspired by a feeder rods that now uses SOLITIP tips. CSR Fly Rods have a similar, very fine tip, but a relatively stiff and fast part of the rod. With fine tips, can be used the thinnest leader with no risk to broke the leader when hook the fish. If a bigger fish gets caught, the rigid part of the rod will begin to work. It is not a problem to hook up the big fish with this rod. With fine tips, even small flies are literally "fired" to the target place on the river!

The high-quality cork handle, luxury reel seat and black fitting fine-tuning the perfect features and design of this great fly rods!

Available in 3 models:

  • AFTMA 2 – weight 72 g, extension 79 g
  • AFTMA 3 – weight 72 g, extension 79 g
  • AFTMA 4 – weight 76 g, extension 86 g
Producer: Hends
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