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Fly Rod Leichi Nano French Nymph

Fly Rod Leichi Nano French Nymph  Fly Rod Leichi Nano French Nymph 1003-4
Buy: Fly Rod Leichi Nano French Nymph
Code Size Unit price Stock Availability Quantity
Code: LNNR1003-4 Size: 10,0 ft (305 cm), AFTMA 3, 4 pieces Unit price: 159,0 EUR Stock: 3 pcs Availability: on stock -+
Code: LNNR1004-4 Size: 10,0 ft (305 cm), AFTMA 4, 4 pieces Unit price: 169,0 EUR Stock: 2 pcs Availability: on stock -+

A unique fly rod series designed for a special style of tournament stream angling in Europe where speed and line control are paramount to success. These are extremely fast, 10-foot, 4-piece rods with light, sensitive tips to help anglers make short, accurate drifts with weighted nymphs. The technique requires very little in the way of traditional casting.

The NANO Fly fishing rods are are beautifully balanced, lightweight with crisp clean actions that provide both superb casting and fish playing characteristics. They are also phenomenally strong thanks to the revolutionary nature of the new Silica NANO material. Carbon fibre held together with a resin impregnated with silica nano spheres. This technology is relativly new and proven it produces a material that is significantly stronger and  lighter than traditional carbon fibre.

  • Greatest feel of action for more accurate and longer casts
  • Superior sensitivity and responsiveness
  • The strongest fly rod on the market
  • Loads quickly, crisply, but nimbly
  • Supremely-balanced feel
  • Unmatched fish-fighting power
  • Better tracking for dry flies and nymphing
  • Smoother transition of power
  • Reduced casting fatigue
  • Exclusive first-ever thermoplastic, thermoset resins from tip to butt
  • Precision Power Taper
  • Recoil guides
  • Titanium frame stripping guide
  • Black finish
  • Highest grade cork handle
Producer: LEICHI Fly Fishing


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