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Squirmy Wormy

You might love it or you might hate it. We know this is a controversial topic for fly fishing community. It took us a while to include this flies and fly tying materials used for this flies into our assortment but at the end we decided to do so. Under certain conditions

Squirmy Wormy flies are highly effective. Some people say that Squirmy Wormy patterns brought another evolution step in modern nymphing (like in the past Czech Nymphs, Jig Nymphs or small French Tungsten Nymphs). Only the time will prove this but it is true that in many situations Squirmy Wormy flies overperform many so far most killing patterns!

Check out our other resourced on our website about Squirmy Wormy flies: Squirmy Worms - 3 reasons to love them! and Squirmy Wormy - How To Make Them (Articles), Meet Squirmy Wormy (Picture Gallery).

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