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💥 The PREDATOR ON THE FLY season is finally here! 🎣🥳 Equip yourself for this adrenaline fly fishing discipline! 🐊😍

Gym Sock Streamer

Gym Sock Streamer Gym Sock Streamer, Size 4/0
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Code: FM988940 Size: 4/0 Unit price: 6,8 EUR Stock: 5 pcs Shipping: promptly -+
Code: FM988960 Size: 6/0 Unit price: 6,8 EUR Stock: 6 pcs Shipping: promptly -+

A deadly GT pattern that has been developed by Mike Reiser.

Big, solid, strong fly with super lifelike movement which is guaranteed to tempt the biggest strongest fish out of their lair.

Light enough to cast all day long, these bulky patterns are surprisingly fun to use and very effective too.

Producer: Fulling Mill
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