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What parameters should a rod for UL spinning have?

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Basic parameters for UL spinning rod.

The ultralight (UL) spinning rod is a special type of rod designed for fishing with small and light artificial lures for smaller fish species such as trout, chubs, or bass. When choosing a rod for UL trolling, it is important to consider a few key parameters:

  1. Rod action: The rod should have a fast to medium action, which means that it should bend primarily in the top section. A rod with this action allows a fast and accurate lure cast at shorter distances.

  2. Rod length: The rods for UL trolling are usually shorter than rods for other fishing techniques, usually between 1.5 and 2.4 metres in length. The shorter rod length allows for better control and manipulation of the lure, especially in narrow and overgrown waters.

  3. Weight of the lure: The rod should be designed to cast a low weight lure, usually in the range of 1-10 grams. For spinning rods, the weight range for which the rod is suitable is commonly given (e.g. 0.7-7 g)

  4. Rod material: UL spinning rods are usually made of lightweight materials such as graphite or carbon fibre, which provide light weight but sufficient strength and sensitivity.

  5. Number of sections: UL spinning rods are often constructed in a multi-piece design to make them easily portable and convenient for travel. They usually have 2-4 parts, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly of the rod. The shortest rods can also be one-piece, and if you want to minimize the transport length of the rod, then a telescopic UL trolling rod can also be chosen.

  6. Type of eyelets: Rods for UL trolling usually have smaller and lighter eyelets that are suitable for the thin line diameters or braided lines that are often used in UL trolling.

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