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Tactical Series - River Flies

Category: Product Reviews | Author: Fulling Mill

What Fulling Mill writes about their Tactical Series... By the way, we consider them to be one of the best river fly selection ever made!


A collection of premium quality river fly patterns originally inspired and designed by some of the most skilful river anglers in Europe. Perfected by their creators through countless hours on the river and at the vice, these extraordinary flies are proven fish catchers.

Including some minimalistic designs dressed to highlight only the essential trigger features needed to induce a take, these are flies tied to precise and extraordinarily high standards. As an expert fly fisher you will already have recognised the perfect hook, the precise dimensions and proportions, the skilful and professional way that this is put together into an exact and durable fly for purpose. The super Impressionistic fishing flies from the highly inventive Oliver Edwards have been individually approved by him which is praise in the highest sense, and Jeremy Lucas says he couldn’t even tie his own patterns as consistently well!

Properly fished, including the aptly named ‘duo/trio’ method of hanging one or two nymphs an appropriate distance below a dry indicator pattern, these flies will give the advanced fly fisher a real edge when fish are selectively feeding on specific food items. They are designed to be fished on lighter tackle and we strongly advise that tippet be matched carefully to fly size. Each pattern is marked with our suggested maximum “X” diameter tippet for the largest size available, and for smaller sizes a finer tippet is desirable.

This Tactical Series™ is tied on premium barbless hooks with the ideal style of hook chosen for each individual pattern. The speciality hooks have advantages over standard hooks ensuring you hook fish far more efficiently whilst facilitating easy catch and release, and the longer ‘shaped’ point ensures you lose fewer fish than with standard or ‘de-barbed’ hooks. These flies, on these hooks, will put more fish in the net.

This is the finest quality set of river fly patterns that has ever been made available commercially to the advanced river angler. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we do.

Full assortment of Fulling Mill Tactical Series available in our eShop.

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