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William Joseph Surge Waist Pack and Stripping Basket review

Category: Product Reviews | Author: Marcus Sies

A couple of weeks ago I got both the Surge Pack and the Stripping basket of William Joseph. Because of the positive experiences I made with both of them in the last time I decided to write a short review.

At first I have to say that these are my first William Joseph accessories, so I didn´t really know what to expect. I just heard about there high quality and very good design (both optical and functional).

The William Joseph Surge Magnetic Waist Pack

Over the past years I used quite a lot of different waist packs, and I was satisfied with all of them. Because what kind of pack can be better than the other? A pack is a pack... well, I had no idea!

When I read, that WJ´s Surge Pack doesn´t have any zippers, I was very interested in this pack. I decided to spend a bit more money then I´d usually do for a flyfishing waist pack. I just wanted to give it a try.

From the first time I got my hands on that pack after unboxing, I was fascinated by it´s design, functionality and build quality. Every belt and pocket has the perfect size and is situated at the perfect place. In that pack you´ll get everything you need for a day on the waterfront. License, leader, fly boxes, clip, ... there´s a perfect pocket on that pack for everything.

There are quite a lot of thinks that justify a positive review on this bag, but with these magnetic pockets that bag outperforms everything similar I´ve seen so far. These pockets are a joy to handle and can be used as leader dispensers or fly depots for example... works great.

William Joseph Retractable Stripping Basket

No matter whether you´re fishing for coast seatrout or for pike from a small boat, a knot in the runningline at the last cast really sucks! To avoid that, many fishermen use stripping baskets. The Retractable Stripping Basket from William Joseph works both as a stripping basket and a wading belt. It has a pleasant wide shape, that has a supporting effect on your back, and the material feels solid and durable. I really like the concept of that basket, It´s very comfortable to wear and it works even better then expected.

Altogether both the Pack and the Basket are state of the art flyfishing products. But top designed and high quality processed flyfishing tackle is not cheap, anyway they offer a very fair value for the money. If you once paid the prize, you´ll never regret it!

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