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Guideline FARIO - Rod by Rod Guide

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Rod by Rod guide for the Guideline Fario rod series.

FARIO - Rod by Rod Guide

This article helps to understand the usage of each FARIO rod from the excellent GUIDELINE FARIO ROD Series.

FARIO - Rod by Rod Guide FARIO 802 | 8’0” | #2 | 4-piece
A great little rod suited for ultra light fishing in small creeks and ponds.

FARIO 763 | 7’6” | #3 | 4-piece
The shortest rod in the range is great fun to use in small waters, with little room to cast, when the target is small to medium sized fish with large attitudes.

FARIO 863 | 8’6” | #3 | 4-piece
This is as close to a true all round rod as we will find in a three weight. The action is deep and sensitive, very well suited for close range fishing and for the use of thin tippets. The tip of the rod has a stability that lets you fire casts well into the longer range as well, when needed. Matched with a fast WF line such as our 4Cast, it will also perform well with a variety of Spey or roll casts .

FARIO 804 | 8’0” | #4 | 4-piece
Another sweet rod for the more delicate fishing found in smaller rivers. Fits the bill nearly every place where room to cast is limited. You will be pleasantly surprised by the deep and strong action that generates good stability and tracking for the most accurate of casts. A great fit with a Presentation or High Water #4 line.

FARIO 904 | 9’0” | #4 | 4-piece
A rod that will be equally at home in lakes, as well as medium size creeks and rivers. A very good first choice for many trout and grayling fishing applications.

FARIO 1004 | 10’0” | #4 | 4-piece
Custom made to suit Czech nymph-fishing techniques. The choice of competition anglers in middle Europe. Superior control and the perfect action for short line nymphing with long thin leaders. Perfect for fishing tungsten weighted flies.

FARIO 865 | 8’6” | #5 | 4-piece
Easy to use, very accurate and efficient in a wide variety of waters, still as well as running. Makes many other 5-weights feel like a 7 weight!

FARIO 905 | 9’0” | #5 | 4-piece
The 9 foot 5 wt. is probably the number #1 trout rod size and this one lives up to the expectations as being a superb all rounder. The relatively deep rod load is balanced by a stiffer tip that makes the rod track very exactly, with excellent long line pick-up and casting of bushy dries and streamers.

FARIO 866 | 8’6” | #6 | 4-piece
Especially developed for the angler who targets large trout with streamers, nymphs and hoppers in smaller overgrown rivers and creeks. Great for Spey casts and smooth open loop casting.

FARIO 906 | 9’0” | #6 | 4-piece
A rod capable of handling tough the tundra environment with hard winds, tough hiking, sink-tip lines as well as large rabbit fur streamers or the odd, surprise 20lbs salmon charging a nymph in the upper Kharlovka region.

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