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Tarpon Toad

Maarten Bruinenberg

Maarten  Bruinenberg

Category: Fly Tying | Author: Maarten Bruinenberg

The fly is finished ... good luck tying!

I just love to tie salwater fly's there so mutch fun! I wanted to tie something a little diffrent this time for my next trip to the Key's next year.
A fly that no Tarpon could resist, well thats the idea anyway! I have tested it in the bathtub because everything is frozen out here in The Netherlands.
But I can tell you this fly looks really sexy in the water, can wait to cast it at a big poon!

Material list:

Hook:                      TMC 600sp or Gamakatsu SL12S
Tread:                     Uni mono and Uni fire orange 6/0
Eye's:                      Mono eye's black large
Tail:                        Mink zonker coral
Flash:                      Kristal flash pink
Hackel:                    Marabou coral
Hackel tips:              Natural grizzly hackel
Second hackel:         Crosscut rabbit white
Body/head:              E.P fibers sand

Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/azurphoto/

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