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Detailed recommendation of Vojta Ungr (member of the Czech National Fly Fishing Team) for the use of individual types of Hanak Competition Superb XP fly rods.

Vojta Ungr and barbel caught on a Hanák Superb XP fly rod

Like any fisherman, I want the best fly rods for my fishing, which would meet all my requirements, and that there are not a few of them! In 20 years of fly fishing, I have really tried many fly rods and was able to compare the differences between individual manufacturers. I also tried different lengths and different rod actions for different fly fishing styles, so that I can compare what is best for a given fly fishing technique. Because I participate in fly fishing competitions, I was mainly looking for rods that have a so-called "balanced action" for me. I have never been a supporter of slow action rods, but also fast action rods. I was looking for something in between.

With slow-action rods, it is possible to use really thin tippets and smaller fish should not theoretically fall off so often, but on the other hand, due to their softness, they get a little "stuck" with setting the hook and are more suitable for short distance casts and smaller rivers. Casting in windy weather is then almost ruled out. I also fished with fast action rods. You can cast with them quite far, even in windy weather, even with heavier flies. However, their weakness is precisely their hardness, due to which fish can fall off easier when badly handled and thiner tippets may crack when fish is played hard. So I was looking for fly rods with a slightly faster action, with which it would be possible to cast quite far even in windy conditions, in which I could set the hook at any distance with confidence and from which fish would not fall off. In the end, some rods from the SAGE brand and the entire product line of HANÁK COMPETITON SUPERB XP rods best meet my requirements, which I would like to write about more.

During the development of Hanak Superb rods also members of the Czech fly fishing team were involved. In the production of these rods, emphasis is placed on the use of the latest technologies and components. And that is why these rods are extremely light and, most importantly, functional. But what I like most about them is that their action almost does not change with different AFTMAs and different lengths, so I can rely on any type and length of this rod. I had the opportunity to try many of them in person and I own several of them. And that's why fly fishermen often turn to me for help and advice in choosing a new rod. When choosing a new rod, it is always important to summarize in advance what method of fly fishing the rod will be used for, how big fish will be caught and, last but not least, where we intend to fish with it. So I decided to briefly describe the suitability of individual Hanak Superb rods on the basis of the mentioned criteria and my experience.

Hanák Competition Superb XP 3100

HANÁK SUPERB XP basic characteristics:

- 4 piece rod
- Blanks: the latest HI-CARBON technology and materials in a special combination with NANO top-class filaments
- Super thin FUJI SIC stripper guides
- Durable and flexible titanium snake guides RECOIL Titanflex<
- Black real seat which incorporates an exotic wood insert
- The handle is made from the highest quality AAAA grade cork
- The matt gold olive finish of the blank prevents the disturbance of spooky fish by reducing rod flash
- Shipped in the luxurious pentagon rod tube with separate compartments for each rod section

The first number in the name of the rod indicates its AFTMA, the next two to three numbers then its length in feet.

Superb XP 093

The finest of the finest. This is how I would characterize this ultra-fine rod, which, however, retains its slightly faster action. The rod is especially suitable for streams and smaller rivers, where no giants can be expected and where it is necessary to catch careful fish on the finest lines and the smallest flies usually in low and absolutely clear water. Due to its length of 282 cm, it can be used for finest nymphing, or delicate dry fly fishing on a shorter distance. This is a rod for true "connoisseurs" who profess the finest fly fishing!

Superb XP 190

Another extra fine rod with a length of 275 cm, which is especially suitable for dry fly fishing with the finest tippets. It will definitely come in handy for someone who enjoys a gentle autumn graying fishing on a stream and a smaller river, where it is not necessary or desirable to cast some extra distance. Somewhere where one moves slowly, prudently and enjoys nature and carefully collecting smaller fish.

Superb XP 196

Another extra fine AFTMA 1 fly rod designed primarily for light nymphing for smaller fish on streams and smaller rivers. Again, this is a rod that is suitable for catching the most careful fish in the water deep up to your knees, using smaller, lighter flies and the finest tippets. With this rod, the fisherman enjoys every duel.

Superb XP 290

This AFTMA 2 fly rod can already find a wider use. With such rod in the length of 275 cm, you can fish dry or wet fly, duo (nymf and dry) and, if you do not have a longer rod, then nymph, even if the rod in this length is not primarily intended for nymphing. This rod can also be used on a small river, where it is necessary to cast the flies a little further. It is still a very fine rod that allows you to fish on the finest tippets.

Superb XP 299

The ideal fine nymphing rod with a length of 300 cm for smaller rivers with a water depth of up to half a thigh. With this rod, I usually fish the last laps of the competitions with fine tippet and small flies. With this rod you will feel every strike as the rod is very sensitive.

Superb XP 390

My favorite competition fly rod, with which I catch dry, wet and my favorite duo technique. With this rod you can cast really far even with heavier flies in windy conditions. This rod can be used on most rivers in Europe. It is an ideal rod for the average size fish. A small fish does not fall off from the rod and it can handle even the "king of the pool". This rod is my choice!

Superb XP 396

If you are looking for one universal rod for all styles of fly fishing, then this AFTMA 3 rod with a length of 290 cm is ideal. With this rod you can fish with a floating line and also level nymphing line for euro nymphing. Personally, I choose a shorter rod for fishing with a floating line and a longer rod for nymphing, but if I'm not sure what style I'll be fishing that day and it's a long way to go to the car, then a rod with this length is a clear choice.

Superb XP 3100

This is one of the best nymph rods I have ever had the opportunity to fish with. When nymphing, you will mainly use its ideal action, which allows long and accurate casts, as well as a certain strikes and flawless playing of fish. This fly rod can be used on most rivers in Europe where euro nymphing is the suitable method. I fish with this rod both in a shallow streams and in a deeper rivers. Simply the ideal nymphing rod for most conditions!

Superb XP 3106

An even longer nymphing AFTMA 3 rod with a total length of 320 cm. This rod will find its use mainly when nymphing from a distance on a larger river, where you will always have flies under control and you will feel every strike.

Superb XP 496

If you want to focus on a little bigger fish and fish with tippets that will hold something stronger, then this AFTMA 4 rod is a suitable candidate. Its advantage is also its universal length of 290 cm, due to which it is not necessary to decide in advance how one will fish, because the style of fishing can be changed immediately. With this rod, one can visit even larger rivers and use larger and heavier flies.

Superb XP 4100

It is a nymphing rod for larger fish that live in a faster and deeper current. The rod is suitable for larger rivers, where we fish with heavier nymphs and we need to hook the fish with more power.

Superb XP 4110

So I have some really "great experiences" with this rod. It is a nymphing rod for large rivers, on which it is necessary to cast flies at a longer distance. One can rely on the fact that, thanks to the great action of the rod, the strike sits well even when nymphing at a distance of over ten meters.

Superb XP 596

I have been fishing with this rod since last year and it has become my number one on large rivers, where I try to catch trophy fish. It is great rod for nymphing even over long distances and when needed, due to its universal length of 290 cm, you can quickly change your fly fishing style and catch the fish with the dry fly. I also take the rod with me on trips to fast alpine rivers, where I nymph in the fastest and deepest currents with the heaviest nymphs. I recommend!

Superb XP 5100

And this is a complete nymphing special for the toughest conditions. Large river, fast, deep and strong current, heavy flies and especially big, really big fish! Great rod for fishing the rivers with big trophy fish.

I hope that my article and my experience will help you choose the most suitable rod just for you!

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