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Equipment for Aztec trout

Category: Fly Fishing Tackle | Author: Xavier Molina

Recommendation for the fly fishing tackle for trout fishing in Mexico.

If you decide to try your luck with Aztec trout, you will need to bring your own equipment since guide do not provide equipment.

What to bring?

Depending on what kind of water you want to fish you will need different outfits here is a small list of what you need.

A light line outfit, two or three weight rods to fish evergreen forest rivers with floating lines.

A medium weight outfit, five weight rod and reel with floating and intermediate line to fish private and evergreen forest lakes, this outfit can also be used to fish cloud forest rivers.

To fish large lakes as Axalapascos, you will need a heavy outfit a seven weight rod and reel with floating and full sinking lines.

All your reels should have a smooth disc drag, because you can find yourself tied into a ten pound fish on any kind of water.

Tippets should run from 6X to 2X, fluorocarbon is better.

Other accessories you will need are strike indicators, split shots, hip boots and a hydration bladder.

I suggest you leave your vest home and instead bring a fanny pack which is more comfortable to wear in humid weather of the cloud forest and in the heat of the Axalapascos.

Rain gear is also a good idea since you can find yourself into a heavy rain any time.

You can bring your own flies or ask your guide to tie some for you, this flies will be the right ones and not expensive.

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