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Fly Fishing Rivers In Slovenia

Category: Fly Fishing Destinations | Author: Mitja Mlakar

Overview of the most important fly fishing rivers in Slovenia.


Many consider Slovenia to be the hidden gem of Europe, if not the entire world. Small in size and packed with diversity, this country is a natural treasure-trove of wonders. Slovenia’s waters are no exception. The big network of beautiful, pristine rivers and lakes are breath-taking and attract a growing number of visitors each year and leave them utterly spellbound.

Like many amazing outdoor activities, fly fishing is flourishing in Slovenia.

The fly-fishing tradition goes back decades, when rivers were even richer in fish than they are today. Even back then, trophy-prized monsters were caught regularly, as many a photo can testify.

The best fly-fishing river is undoubtedly the Soča. This crystal-clear emerald jewel among Slovenian Alpine rivers carves its way through the limestone landscape as it makes its way to the south, its beauty unlike anything in the world. Besides its unbelievable features, the Soča attracts fishermen from all over with its lush supply of fantastic fish. The most famous and interesting is certainly the Marble Trout. It can reach over 10 kg and exceeds the size of 100 cm in length and has become the prime target of fishing enthusiasts in recent years.


Other Salmonids such as Grayling, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout can also be caught in these waters. Fishing on the Soča is possible in many sections of the river and in a variety of ways. In the main channel of the Soča River, which expands into a lake, fishing is possible using a belly boat. Its tributaries, which can prove quite challenging for fisherman, are also very interesting because in many places they are rather difficult to access, their remote location presenting a proper hub for fish. Definitely worthwhile the trip into the wild mountain world.

A type of Marble Trout, but with different pigmentation, can also be caught in the Idrijca River. The most persistent fishermen who visit Slovenia usually set their sights on both types of this gorgeous species. In addition to the Marble Trout, the Idrijca River is also known for its Brown Trout.

Another very famous Slovenian river is the Unica, which is known for its Grayling that come in a variety of colours. This fish is usually quite rare, making fishing it super fun. There are an unusually large number of them in the Unica, but it takes a lot of fly-fishing skills and patience to reel this elusive creature in.

The Krka River is Slovenia’s greenest river, due to the amount of aquatic moss. The numerous small dams, under which pools are formed, make the fish that reside there extremely powerful and combative. A fisherman can catch everything from the Brown Trout to the Grayling and Rainbow Trout, the latter being the most common in this river.

Last but certainly not least is the Radovna River. It’s a true paradise for those fishermen who prefer to catch more fish than the biggest. Make no mistake, big fish do reside in Radovna, it’s just more known for being the river of plenty. Suitable for both beginners who want to try out fly fishing or for experienced fishermen who want to test how many fish bites one fly can withstand.

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