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Infinite waterways, some still undiscovered.

Trophy trout water meandering through massive glacial valleys

New Zealand hailed as the last country to be discovered by man is constantly learning from the mistakes of other civilised nations. Clean, green and PURE is how NZ is seen by the world and this is how it really is. Glaciers and tropical & seasonal rainfall provide countless waterways ideally suited to the fish in them and more so to the adventuring fly fisherman. Hot summers bring bounties of dry fly fishing with large terrestrial fly immitations cast out to sighted trophy Brown and Rainbow trout in gin clear rivers. Stand in the valleys and fiords with your fishing rod in hand and look up to see sky scraping horizons. Ideal fishing season here is November (start of summer) through to the end of April (autumn).

New Zealand has fly fishing opportunities scattered close to nearly every town. For arguably some of the best fly fishing available in NZ, see Te Anau of Fiordland, Queenstown of Otago, Nelson, Greymouth of the West coast, Taupoand Rotorua.

Large fighting brown and rainbow trout

Brown & Rainbow Trout although originally introduced to New Zealand as early as the 1860's now thrive as wild fish. The climate, abundant food source and geography of New Zealand is optimal for these two salmonid readilly feeding on and sub-surface which provides for excellent fly fishing. The average size of fish is uncertain though some grow well over the 10lb (5-6kg) range and these are refered to as "trophy trout". Condition of the fish is always at the very most pristine.

Through the whole season of October to April, dry flies can be used depending on the day to day weather. Sometimes a nymph fished under a dry as an indicator or tungsten nymphs and foam indicators are effective. Mostly the fishing is "Sight" with polaroid glasses, where the fish is stalked from downsteam and fished up to. Blind fishing suspect pools and runs is often effective too. A little fly fishing experience to allot is beneficial as the fishing in NZ is challenging in the very best of ways. Though novices often manage to surprise us all.

Whatever you feel confident with for trout fishing small to medium sized streams and rivers. Floating lines and shooting heads are essential. A range of tippet strength is required for many reasons ie weather, water clarity, sixe of fish and so on. Flies are provided to Castabroad customers all hand tied by your guides. A jacket just in case of a cold South wind blowing up, but usually best conditions will allow for very light clothing and a sun hat and plenty of sun-screen. Wet wading in the warmest months, though waders can be required from day to day. NO FELT SOLES- banned due to wreckless travellers contaminating rivers with Didymo.

There are waterways open all year round. Most of the rivers are open from the 1st of October or the 1st of November. Again most rivers close on last day of March or April.

License is required throughout whole fishing area  note: strict controll is carried out.

Bag limits are enforced on all waterways in New Zealand. Catch and release is strongly recommended in all river systems to preserve the ecology and sport.


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