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Super Heavy Nymphs from Slovakia
HomeArticlesFliesSuper Heavy Nymphs from Slovakia

Super Heavy Nymphs from Slovakia

Category: Flies for Fly Fishing | Author: Peter Ambróz

If you think that your flies are too heavy, believe that this is nothing compared to what Slovak fly fishers use...

Epoxy Super Heavy Nymphs

In Slovakia during the summer months we often use the Super Heavy Nymphs when fishing in rappids and long currents. This method is fished by Slovak fly fisherman mainly in rivers Dunajec, Váh, Hron and Hornád.

The Super Heavy Nymph is a typical point fly that will help to sink all other (lighter) nymphs on your leader very quickly which is especially useful when fishing deep waters. This fly sinks like a stone and can easily reach the river bottom and than with its movement over the river bed is slowing down the the whole set up.

This fly fishing method is extremely effective when fishing for rainbow trout (often stocked into our rivers) but you can easily catch this way brown trouts or graylings. There are even cases when this method caugth the Danube Taimen (Hucho hucho).

Another method can be used in shallow (but strong) currents, where this heavy nymph is used as a middle dropper.

There are several weigths from 0,6 to 3,5 grams which give great flexiblity for different depth of the water or strenght of the current.

The typical equipement for fishing the Super Heavy Nymph is  longer 4 AFTMA fly rod with Double Taper fly line of the same AFTMA categhory. The tippet most often used is Stroft 0.16-0.18 mm. Clearly there is not much casting with such a heavy set up, do not expect any false cast with it. However the method is proven and is deadly when mastered.

And for those who would like create his/her own Super Heavy Nymph here is a suggestion for the recipe:

Brown Super Heavy Nymph with Orange Head:

Hook: Nymph Weighted Hook

Thread: brown body thread

Ribbing: copper wire, red wire

Head: orange body thread

Body: 5 min. epoxy

Video: How to tie the Slovak Super Heavy Nymph

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