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Grayling On The Fly

In this unique e-shop category, you will find the most important products that you should definitely not miss in your fly fishing equipment if you want to be maximally succesful when river fishing for these beautiful native fish - majestic grayling.

Here you will find a special selections of grayling flies and TOP deadly single flies as well. Fine fly rods and sets in the AFTMA category 1 - 3wt. French leaders for fishing with modern nymphing methods, but also fine tapered leaders and tippets for delicate dry fly fishing! Light double-tapered (DT) or weight forward (WF) fly lines and other specific equipment for grayling fishing!

If you want to be really prepared and maximally effective in fly fishing for river grayling, definitely do not miss a set of articles from the complex FLY FISHING SPECIAL - Fly Fishing For Grayling, which is dedicated to one of our most noble and most magnificent salmonid fish!

If you are looking for the right motivation to fishing beautiful river grayling, be sure to check out this thematic gallery The Beauty Of Czech Grayling On A Fly.

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