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Indicator Neon Wax Scafars

Indicator Neon Wax Scafars Indicator Neon Wax Scafars - Black
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Code: NW_FO Color: Fluo Orange Unit price: 5,0 EUR Stock: 2 pcs Shipping: promptly -+
Code: NW_FR Color: Fluo Red Unit price: 5,0 EUR Stock: 5 pcs Shipping: promptly -+
Code: NW_FY Color: Fluo Yellow Unit price: 5,0 EUR Stock: 3 pcs Shipping: promptly -+
Code: NW_BL Color: Black Unit price: 5,0 EUR Stock: Shipping: unavailable -+
Code: NW_FG Color: Fluo Green Unit price: 5,0 EUR Stock: Shipping: unavailable -+

The fluo colored wax indicator wax allows you to quickly create a simple and very easy-to-see indicator on your nymph leader! Apply this neon wax on the line to place where you want to create a contrastingly colored indicator. This original wax is ready for use in practical lipstick form when you simply remove it from a small tube if you need.

With this wax you can highlighted colors of other types of indicators attached or connected to the line! After applying the wax to a stretched leader, the waxed place must be dipped into cold water to its better local fixation on the smooth leader.

You can easily wipe the indicator such as a paper napkin and, if you need it again, apply it again on your nymph leader!


Tips for using individual colors:

Black - Color suitable for cross-section in multi-color indicator or for fit for striped indicators.
Fluo Red & Orange - Excellent color for creating indicators on bright sunny days when other colors are poorly visible.
Fluo Yellow & Green - Great color to create indicators in dark and cloudy days. It contrasts with the dark surroundings.

Producer: Scafars
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