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Fly Fishing Set - Euro Nymphing

Fly Fishing Set - Euro Nymphing Fly Fishing Set - Euro Nymphing
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A special nymphing set of excellent quality for every passionate fly fisherman loves nymphing - both beginner and advanced, who wants to buy a quality nymphing set for modern methods of European nymphing with a French leader!

This nymphing set is already a very good investment in reliable high-quality fly fishing equipment, thanks to which you can enjoy the beauty of the river's modern nymphing to the maximum! This set of ours again offers an excellent ratio of reasonable price and quality, while everyone will find absolutely everything need to be maximally successful on their favorite river or stream!

A balanced combination of individual products will help everyone to easily catch river brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout and grayling, as well as chub, barbel and other river fish! This special nymph fly set is intended for anyone who takes their hobby really seriously and it is important for them with what equipment they spend time by the water!

* You can find other useful accessories directly for this set in Related Products, so don't forget to look at this card directly under the product!

Fly Fishing Set - Euro Nymphing includes:
- Four-pice Fly Rod Guideline LPs Euro Nymphing AFTMA 3 category, with a length of 9.9 - 300 cm.
* (Can be exchanged for AFTMA 4 according to the customer's wishes)
- High quality Fly Reel Guideline FAVO in size 46.
- Fly Line Euro Nymphing Dohiku Level Racing Line, or other suitable nymphing line LEVEL type.

Producer: Czech Nymph
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