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Fly Rod Guideline Elevation Nymph

Fly Rod Guideline Elevation Nymph Fly Rod Guideline Elevation Nymph 10'2" #2 4-piece
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Elevation fly rods utilizes the very latest in material and pattern technology, as well as featuring several more environmentally friendly components, these rods are revolutionary!

These rods the best choice for those anglers who care about the environment. The new rod blank development process eliminates any unnecessary material in each section.

Due to the success of Elevation single hand rods, there are also three nymphing rods on offer! These nymph rods are lightweight with a well-balanced and crisp action.

They are all 4-piece rods with down-locking reel seat for great balance and custom designed cork grip and butt. Medium fast flex with sensitive tip section that manages both long casts as well as being protective when fishing thin tippets. Snake guide next to tip guide reduces tangles and line wrapping around guides and blanks.

First stripper guide is placed very close to grip to avoid line-sag and lost control during line management. The tip is balanced and therefore dampens violent shakes and bursts from aggressive, large fish and even on delikate tippets.

The surface of the blank has a matte coating created by using a specially treated shrink tape during production. Due to the spiral pattern, it prevents thin nymph lines to stick to the wet blank and restrict distance when fishing. Summed up these are top modern rods with light feel and an action that suits anglers at all levels.

// 102 #2 // The lightest rod in the series that really serves the dedicated angler who wants a delicate and sensitive rod that really handles light lines and tippets. Do not let that fool you though as this rod also has back bone enough to both handle heavier nymphs as well as larger fish, whilst being that sensitive rod that you are looking for in this line weight.

// 106 #3 // This rod is with no doubt the most versatile of the three as it still is a fine and light for smaller streams and fishing very thin leaders. But it will also be proper tool for larger fish and bigger rivers as it has a bit more length and strength than the #2 rod has. The little bit of extra power in the blank also gives you a rod that can cast a regular fly line with ease. If the fish would start eating form the surface, it is very nice to be able to present a dry fly properly.

// 102#4 // If you mainly fishing in larger streams or rivers, with bigger and heavier flies, this is the rod for you! Designed to better cover those bigger and tougher waters that normally contains larger fish as well. As it is a bit shorter than the #3 rod it will also work great as a light, all round trout rod and will cast a regular fly line just as great as it will handle thinner leaders.

  • Matte, lightly buffed blanks with no added coloration which gives them a dark graphite grey apperance.  The blanks have a soft spiral pattern and thin, matte coating.
  • Slim half wells grips with a small fighting butt of 3A cork without rubber cork reinforcements. This reduces the levels of epoxy-resins needed in the grips.
  • Metal parts of reel seats are “clear anodized” which is the least toxic process possible when using aluminium reel seats. No chrome (lead) or paint is used in the anodizing bath.
  • For the coatings on blank, guides and the mounting glue for grips and reel seat, it is used a bio-based low-toxic Epoxy, tested and approved with extremely low levels of regulated chemicals.
  • Rods are mounted with light wire single leg guides and KW style stripper guides. It is used a gun smoke powder coat finish on a stainless frame.
  • Rod bag and rod tube cover are made of recycled REPREVE™ polyester. This is the leading, most trusted, branded performance fibres made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles).
  • The rod tubes are made of recycable Polypropylene (PP), they are lighter and have 20% lower diameters than standard PVC tubes. This will save space and money when rods are transported both from the factory and by the user. Given its durability and the possibility to melt and reform into plastic pellets, PP is both reusable and recyclable for producing new goods.
  • All rods are 4-piece.
Producer: Guideline
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