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Fly Reel Guideline Fario Click Forest Grey

Fly Reel Guideline Fario Click Forest Grey Fly Reel Guideline Fario Click Forest Grey #23
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Guideline Fario Click is a new member in the Fario fly reel family with a smooth clicker drag and full frame to prevent thin lines from getting stuck between spool and frame.

Compared to other brands this model has an adjustable dual-pin clicker system, so you can set the resistance in three different levels. And as the clicker pin legs have different diameters you also get a lighter pressure when you retrieve the line, and a bit harder ´break´ when a fish runs for the horizon. But to be fair there is no actual break in this type of fly reel, the clicker system is more about avoid over-run of the spool. For the lightest fishing they will match our LPX Tactical rods and LPX Nymph rods perfectly.

Fario Click is available in two models, #23 and #45. Compared to the ´big brother´ Fario LW they are of course much lighter, but they also feature a larger arbor and a narrower spool. They have a hard anodized surface called Forest Grey, so in real life they have a very dark appearance, but with a subtle green tone that will be visible in certain lights.

The reel comes with a protective nylon reel pouch that can also be used when the reel is mounted on a fly rod.

An extra clicker and an Allen key to turn the clicker/retrieve are also enclosed. A superb reel that will make your rod/reel combo ultralight, our first choice for Euro nymphing and fishing at places where you dont run the risk of hooking into something angry and huge that will demand a lot of backing and greater drag resistance.

The perfect reel for those seeking to be delighted by the classic click sound of the drag when a fish invites us to dance!

  • Fully CNC-machined construction.
  • Hard anodized surface for superb durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Adjustable Click in 3 settings with dual click system give lighter retreive.
  • Forest Grey color on reel and spool with silver Guideline logo.
  • Easy change of retreive.
  • Extra clickpin included together with Allen key for change of retreive.
  • Reels are delivered in a nylon reel case.
  • Spare spools available to all sizes.






Fario Click #23

90 x 59 x 33 mm

88 g

WF3F + 50 m 20 lbs dacron

Fario Click #45

94 x 60 x 35 mm

93 g

WF5F + 50 m 20 lbs dacron

* Measurements: Total diameter x Inner diameter x Spool widht.


Producer: Guideline
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