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Fly Reels

The fly fishing reel is a very important part of the fly fishing equipment. For many people, it's just a fly line stack, as most of the fish are fighting over the pulling of the fly line by hand, but if we drop the fly fishing reel and its brake actively into fighting big fish, it's also an important part for balancing the fly rod! Thanks to this factor we can cast our fly line comfortable and without fatigue of our hand all day long! It is also a very popular design piece of our fly fishing gear, because no one wants to have a ugly and unfashionable fly fishing reel on a high-quality and well-crafted fly rodl! ;-)

In the category of fly reels, surely every excited fly fisher will find a new toy! We offer a complete selection of Waterworks Lamson, Hanák Competition fly reels in all sizes and colors, as well fly reels by Guideline, Leichi Fishing and Hends Products!

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