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UL Spinning Specialities For Trout - Lure Selection

UL Spinning Specialities For Trout - Lure Selection UL Spinning Specialities For Trout - Lure Selection - 26 Soft Lures
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A unique, specific and very original set of weighted soft rubber lures designed for fishing for trout, grayling, perch and chub on streams, rivers, but also dams and commercial trout still waters using UL spinning equipment!

This original set of rubber GRUB larvae and MICRO TAILS worms contains 26 brightly colored soft rubber baits - 13 patterns prepared on high-quality barbless hooks Hanák Competition Jig Superb (H 450 BL). Each rubber lure is firmly fixed to the hook and tungsten head with superglue (Loctite), which significantly increases its life!

7 color variants of GRUBS on a size 10 hook with a 4.6 mm tungsten head and 6 color variants of MICRO TAILS on a size 12 hook with a 4.0 mm tungsten head! If you want to successfully fish for rainbow trout, brook trout but also perch and chub on running and still waters, this lure set must be a mandatory part of your UL spinning gear!

2 pieces of each lure pattern are separately prepared in a very practical medium-sized transparent KINETIC Lure Box with movable compartments, which also fits in any larger pocket of your fishing vest, fishing waist bag or spinning bag!

This entire selection of soft rubber lures was created by our specialist Aleš (Ála Richie), who for several years likes to combine tying materials and similar rubber lures in order to create such artificial spinning lures for his father, who uses them with great success when fishing for trout, brook trout, chub and perch on trout, non-trout and stagnant waters! The result of this fusion of fly tying materials and lures primarily intended for the UL spinning is this great set full of original and highly effective soft baits with universal use!

Producer: Czech Nymph
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