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Stillwater Trout On The Fly

In this unique category, you will find the most important products that you should definitely not miss in your fly fishing equipment, if you want to become a real stillwater fly fisherman and be maximally successful in trout fly fishing on still waters.

Here you will find a special selections of stillwater flies, but also TOP flies separately. Lake fly rods and custom sets in the AFTMA 5 - 7wt category. Suitable fly lines - floating, but also with different degrees of sinking! Fluorocarbon tippets for efficient fishing of careful fish in clear water and many other very useful accessories - so much specific to fly fishing for stillwater trout!

If you are looking for the right motivation to start stillwater fly fishing, be sure to check out the thematic galleries describing the atmosphere and the main principle of fishing for trout on still waters in different periods of the fishing season:

Stillwater Fly Fishing In Early Spring SeasonStillwater Fly Fishing In Hot Summer MonthsStillwater Fly Fishing At The Turn Of Autumn And Winter - Fly Fishing For Trout On Czech Small Stillwaters

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