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Freshwater Pike On The Fly

In this original category, you will find the most important products that you should definitely not miss in your fly fishing equipment, if you want to target fishing on a fly pike and other freshwater predators from coarse rivers, ponds and dams.

In this category you will find a special fly selection of pike streamers, but also the best predator streamers separately. Heavier fly rods and fishing sets in the AFTMA 7 - 9wt category. Big large arbor fly reels and special pike fly lines corresponding to harder rods - floating, but also with different degrees of sinking! Kevlar and steel rigs resistant to sharp pike teeth and many other very useful accessories - so typical for catching predatory fish using fly fishing equipment!

If you want to become a successful pike fly fisherman, do not miss another comprehensive set of articles from the FLY FISHING SPECIAL - Pike On The Fly, which deals in detail with the topic of fishing for freshwater predators by fly fishing - especially pike.

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