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Eshop: Tungsten nymph for general usage in most of the rivers. A great new addition to the range from Fulling Mill consultant Craig McDonald.
Eshop: The Black and Green Booby is a deadly pattern throughout the whole of the season.
Eshop: The Woolly Bugger is probably the most fished streamer pattern around the world.
Eshop: Tied on the Gamakatsu SL12 this Black and Purple Brushy is extremely popular with Salt Water fishermen.
Eshop: Jig with deadly silver and black colour combination, this time with additional flash of purple to triger more strikes.
Eshop: Originated in Scotland, this modern lure is great when fished for stocked Rainbow Trout.
Eshop: This pike streamer is a true killer, in clear and in muddy waters. Designed by Steffen Schulz, it attracts pike in rivers and lakes all over Europe.
Eshop: Nomad flies have a nugget bead incorporated within the dressing half way along the hook shank and this makes the fly more ...
Eshop: This classic and very effective pattern continues to be a productive fly on both moving and still water.
Eshop: Wiggle tails are extremely popular among predator anglers, here we've incorporated a wiggle tail into one of the best trout ...
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