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Eshop: Original polish pattern designed for river San can be used anywhere for Czech and French Nymphing.
Eshop: Adding even very small amounts of Angel Hairs to streamers from natural materials will increase their irritation, and thus ...
Eshop: The ideal choice for anglers who require maximum hand protection for pursuit of large gamefish and harsh conditions on the water.
Eshop: If ants are blowing onto the waters surface trout can become preoccupied on them.
Eshop: Antron is a versatile synthetic dubbing material that is suited for body of mayflies, pupae, nymphs, but is also a favorite ...
Eshop: A classic pattern designed by Bob Church , especially effective at the back end of the season as a fry imitation.
Eshop: Urethane repair adhesive and sealant. Repairs all types of wader fabrics & materials (28 g).
Eshop: Arctic Fisherman Blue Fox is quite soft and well living hair. It's made from certified finnish furs of arctic fox.
Eshop: Arctic Fisherman Mutation Fox is made of certified finnish fox. Hairs have quite coarse structure which gives nice shape for the streamer wing.
Eshop: We have updated our version of Dan Blanton's classic predator pattern.
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