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Eshop: Shiny body thread for easy tying of the fly body.
Eshop: Tapping into our own resources, we evaluated and picked the best and most popular Guideline rod models from the last decade, ...
Eshop: Very strong tying thread for tying large flies - lures and streamers.
Eshop: Scottish based publication contains articles, tips, and patterns from highly respected fly fishing writers and fly dressers.
Eshop: Hot news! Wearable fishing rod holder. Keeps your reel out of the sand, mud and salt to.
Eshop: Empty dubbing dispenser for creating your own dubbing selection.
Eshop: Hand made furled leader ​​from kevlar. No shape memory leader with special design for big predator fishing.
Eshop: Basic material for tying of Czech Nymph backs in the form of flat sheet. You can cut out the strip as long and wide as you need.
Eshop: This dubbing is a special blend of Antron and mottled, dyed Squirrel hair.
Eshop: Volcanoes, glaciers and cascading water, Iceland´s magnetic allure is  irresistible for the traveling fly fisher.
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