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Eshop: Material for smaller muddler's heads.
Eshop: Popper head for floating popper streamers.
Eshop: The Munro Killer is an essential pattern in any Salmon fisherman's fly box .
Eshop: This modern ultra-large arbor fly reel is produced by machine-cut from 6061-grade air-aluminium bar stock in combination with stainless steel.
Eshop: These classic chenilles are not enhanced with any materials to improve their effectiveness.
Eshop: An innovative system for selecting the set of flies and/or nymphs and/or streamers, appropriate to each fishing scenario.
Eshop: Those chenilles are combined from several sorts of materials. It has been thus created a very interesting material with a ...
Eshop: Soft synthethic dubbing suitable for various types of nymphs as well as small dry flies.
Eshop: These waders are highly breathable, puncture resistant, functional and have a modern design.
Eshop: The Byske River, "Sweden's best woodland river", provides thrilling salmon fishing.
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