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Flies: The Woolly Bugger is probably the most fished streamer pattern around the world.
Flies: Imitative pattern with the drop acting as trigger point and weight at the same time.
Flies: Klinkhammer series flies are named after their inventor Hans Van Klinken from Holland.
Gallery: William Joseph's Access Pack and Infrared Thermometer productreview.
Flies: Olive quill tungsten nymph is one of the most universal patterns for fishing all over the globe.
Eshop: Magnetic Hook pallet for organizing hooks. 3 types of configurations to match hook size.
Gallery: Now comes the right time to catch carp fish on a fly. So go ahead and try it!
Eshop: A great innovation for pike fly anglers.
Eshop: Bleached and dyed deer belly hair is used on many different patterns from Bass and Pike poppers, Trout Muddlers to Carp flies etc.
Gallery: Couple of pictures from 3 days fishing at Loch Hope, North England.
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