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Articles: The story behind the creation of one of the best parachute patterns ever designed.
Articles: For many people parachute flies are difficult to tie. Strange as it may sound, in spite of the bad start with fly tying, ...
Articles: Article that summarises Han's experience with pike fly-fishing.
Articles: An article about fishing for Barramundi.
Articles: The asche, the knab, the mittler, the stalling, the ombre, the vlagzalm, the perek, the smrdlan, the kharious, the jigan, ...
Articles: Article about fly fishing in Yorkshire
Articles: Fourteen years have passed since I have first seen the technique of active nymph fishing with a range of floating or sinking lines.
Eshop: The Woolly Bugger is probably the most fished streamer pattern around the world.
Eshop: Pike Bunnies have a huge amount of movement, try fishing these patterns when the fish are lethargic with a slow retrieve.
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