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Articles: A description of the Sieldutjakka River in Sweden.
Articles: Small mouth bass fishing in the New River in Virginia.
Articles: Learn more about this popular Swedish salmon river.
Articles: A description of the Aby and Kage Rivers in Sweden - smaller salmon and sea trout rivers in the vicinity of the Byske.
Articles: A story about a record which has not been exceeded as a rod-caught salmon in Scotland.
Articles: Fly recommendation for Scottish traditional style by Sandy Forgan.
Articles: Basic tactics for trout in small waters.
Articles: Catch-and-release developed in North America but spreaded fast on the other side of the ocean.
Articles: Traditional Scottish 'loch-style' fly-fishing, from free-drifting boats, has changed and continues to change with each passing season.
Articles: In river fishing, there have been several fairly consequential changes in recent years in Scotland...
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