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Eshop: The Partridge hackle has long since been a favourite with fly-tyers, and their use is widely acknowledged as being perfect ...
Eshop: This Easy-Eye Nugget Special Hook is used for tying Nugget lake lures, Montanas, Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Mayflies or smaller streamer patterns.
Eshop: Heavy duty stretchy neoprene belt with a fast-snap buckle, fitted with a strong removable, oval back support in stiffened ...
Eshop: Three different aluminum fly boxes with laser engraved motives on the lid.
Eshop: This modern ultra-large arbor fly reel is produced by machine-cut from 6061-grade air-aluminium bar stock in combination with stainless steel.
Eshop: Natural and dyed speckled turkey quills great for nymph, dry fly and wet fly bodies, wings and another parts of your favourite patterns.
Eshop: HIGH WATER is one of the nicest lines Guideline has ever developed. It is dedicated to presentation fishing at medium to long range.
Eshop: A flyline that is virtually unaffected by wind and larger flies.
Eshop: Chenille with translucent hair of the same colour as the chenille core.
Eshop: Anyone who ties flies will have used hare fur. These high quality Hare Ears offers lots of harsh short hair in slightly different shades.
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