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Articles: Recommendation for the fly fishing tackle for trout fishing in Mexico.
Articles: There are plenty of places to fish for bass and saltwater fish in Mexico, but one of the best kept secrets of this country is trout fishing.
Articles: Have you ever heard about furled leaders? If you would like to improve your casting and fly presentation, you should continue reading.
Articles: I have been fortunate to be part of a small group of fly fishermen and fishing guides who readily share information for pattern design.
Articles: If you want a trip of a lifetime with a chance for a trophy and memorable experiences then the “RIVER of MONSTERS “should be on your list!
Articles: The last 8 years has seen my emphasis shift towards large, wild river trout...
Articles: In 2010 the highest award goes to Georg Christel, Germany...
Articles: Buy all 3 DVDs of Modern Fly Fishing series and get Fly Fishing Adventure DVD for FREE.
Articles: Saltwater Fishing at its Best.
Articles: I have used many fly fishing vests since the late seventies, but during the last few years I had seriously problems with ...
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