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FLYBOX Eggstasy & FLYBOX Eggstasy Blob

New revolutionary types of absorbent synthetic chenilles designed to tie stillwater blobs, soft "live" bodies of nymphs, fish fry, streamers, lake attractors and flies of the type Egg Flies, Carpbol and many other river and still water specials!

Slovak Super Heavy Nymphs

New 4 colours now available: dark variants with scarlet, green and gold head and nymphs in sand-brown. All on hook size 8 in 6 weights between 1 and 2.5 grams! Check out our article by Peter Ambros now including the video how to tie them!

New Gallery - TOP & Favorite Tungsten Jigs From My Fly Box

A little tasting of my river nymph box and perhaps - for most of you - a fly tying inspiration for the upcoming Fly Fishing Season!

VENIARD Genetic Hen Capes & VENIARD Genetic Hen Saddles

Hen scalps of premium quality from the neck and back in the favorite Grizzly and White colors. Very delicate feathers excellent for tying fine fly hackles, tails, palmers and wings of your wet and nymph flies!

New Article - Hooked On The Ladies

A new interesting and educational article "Hooked on the Ladies" about grayling fly fishing on the Welsh river Dee!

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