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Fly Collection - Slovak Tungsten Nymphs

24 modern and deadly effective tungsten nymphs intended for the Slovak rivers like Vah, Poprad and Bela. However we are confident they will work on most rivers in Europe and worldwide! Tied in Slovakia, the flies are ready to action in a very practical thin fly box!

FlyBox & Guideline - New Products 2018

We have two good news for fly tiers. The new micro chenille EGGSTASY Nano and the new colors of the best selling SQUIRMY LEGS from FlyBox . From Guideline we added the double tapered floating fly line FARIO DT and the improved wadding support belt EXPERIENCE!

Patagonia - New Vests & Bags 2018

We have included new modern fly fishing vests, hip packs, chest packs & bags for you! Absolutely perfect, waterproof and premium quality equipment that protects your precious fly fishing gear on your fly fishing trips.

Fulling Mill - Master Class Fluorocarbon

Innovative and for fish the least visible fluorocarbon on the market! Incredibly strong, ultra supple and has great knot strenght. Available in 13 diameters from 0.110 to 0.385 mm in 50 m.

Hanák Competition - HOT NEWS 2018

We bring you hot news for fly fishing season 2018 from Hanák Competition.

New Gallery - At The Vice: AR Orange Tip River Killer

Do not miss the new step by step fly tying guide "At the Vice" for the killing jig pattern from my river fly box!

FLYBOX Eggstasy & FLYBOX Eggstasy Blob

New revolutionary types of absorbent synthetic chenilles designed to tie stillwater blobs, soft "live" bodies of nymphs, fish fry, streamers, lake attractors and flies of the type Egg Flies, Carpbol and many other river and still water specials!

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