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Superlight River Fly Fishing - Fly Selection

Superlight River Fly Fishing - Fly Selection Superlight River Fly Fishing - Fly Selection - 32 flies
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Our special selection of the best fly patterns for superlight river fly fishing!

This exceptional set of small flies contains 32 patterns tied on high-quality barbless hooks! This set should not be missed by anyone who likes to catch small tungsten nymphs, or love to fish with delicate dry flies or likes to combine these 2 methods in the "Dry Fly Dropper" method.

This fly selection is intended mainly for delicate river fly fishing for grayling, trout, coarse fish or very careful and shy fish pieces on frequently fished river parts. However, flies from this collection can also be used without problems in still water fishing - especially when fishing with a floating line in combination with foam floater (bung) or with big dry fly as indicator.

The selection includes 12 nymph patterns and 4 dry patterns of 2 pieces of each type. The flies are traditionally safely stored in a very practical small and thin box, which will fit into the small pocket of your fly vest or shirt!

If you like to fish on small and shallow streams, often visited part of rivers, you love delicate autumn grayling fishing, or you prefer fishing on lakes with a static method with small nymphs in a column, "Superlight River Fly Fishing" fly selection is the best choice for you!

Producer: Czech Nymph
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