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MUST HAVE Summer Terrestrial Flies - Fly Selection

MUST HAVE Summer Terrestrial Flies - Fly Selection MUST HAVE Summer Terrestrial Flies - Fly Selection - 38 flies
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A maximally unique and original fly selection of distinctive flies that imitate terrestrial insects, whose prime time comes in late spring and high summer - when the lush riparian vegetation is full of grasshoppers, all sorts of bugs, crickets and other large and clumsy big insects!

If you love summer fishing for voracious chub, prowling asp and aggressive trout on big dry flies, this collection full of mostly unsinkable foam "silhouette" patterns is absolutely indispensable for you - unless you want to deliberately deprive yourself of an unforgettable experience when fishing for the unruly river fish that literally gobble these big flies loudly!

This unique set contains 38 flies tied on high quality hooks of the Japanese brand Hayabusa! The collection contains original flies imitating the most common representatives of the terrestrial insect world! You can see the flies in action in the gallery "New Zealand in Central Europe? No problem!".

With this fly selection you will definitely experience adrenaline moments and unforgettable days on the water! 19 patterns of 2 pieces of each type are available in a very practical medium-sized slim box, which you can conveniently store in your fly fishing vest, hip pack or larger pocket of your summer shirt!

All flies were selected again by our fly fishing specialist Aleš (Ála Richie), who is one of the passionate pioneers and promoters of not yet commonly practiced and experienced fly fishing styles on Czech waters! And targeting fishing for big chub and trout with these original foam dry flies still certainly belongs to these alternative fly fishing techniques!

Producer: Czech Nymph
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