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Fly Reel Waterworks Lamson Speedster Ember

Fly Reel Waterworks Lamson Speedster Ember Muškařský naviják Waterworks Lamson Speedster 3+ Ember
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Code Size Unit price Stock Shipping Quantity
Code: SPS-3+REEL-EMBER Size: 3+ Unit price: 399,0 EUR Stock: Shipping: 1 wk -+
Code: SPS-5+REEL-EMBER Size: 5+ Unit price: 399,0 EUR Stock: Shipping: 1 wk -+
Code: SPS-7+REEL-EMBER Size: 7+ Unit price: 419,0 EUR Stock: Shipping: 1 wk -+
Code: SPS-9+REEL-EMBER Size: 9+ Unit price: 489,0 EUR Stock: Shipping: 1 wk -+

We’ve always believed that form shouldn’t just follow function, but be inspired by it, and that good design emanates from a harmonious expression of both. Where fly reels are concerned, the basic parameters - weight, retrieve rate, line storage, drag torque, ergonomics - each must be balanced against the other to build a high-performing reel, and collectively provide the basis for the design. By far the most important of these are weight and retrieve rate, because the ratio of the two define what is considered a large arbor reel.

Expressed simply, think of these two parameters as retrieve rate per ounce, and hence the Holy Grail of fly reel design is an architecture which yields the lightest structure possible for a given diameter, without sacrificing reliability and durability.

Enter the completely re-designed Speedster reels. They feature an enhanced spool machining technique, focusing material only where it’s needed - the reason why both are significantly lighter and higher performing than their predecessors. But importantly, the form, the styling of each, clearly flows from the same place; allowing the dimensions of structure and function to inspire beauty.


  • format: Super Arbor
  • materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • finish: Hard Alox
  • drag: Sealed Conical Drag
  • US Made, Idaho Built

Fabric Technology:

Item Diameter Width Weight Rod wt Line capacity
Speedster -3+ 83mm 23mm 92gr 2-4 50 yds 20#
Speedster -5+ 93mm 25mm 109gr 4-6 100 yds 20#
Speedster -7+ 100mm
28mm 134gr 6-8 180 yds 20#
Speedster -9+ 109mm 32mm 161gr 8-10 220 yds 30#





Producer: Waterworks Lamson
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