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Paso de la Patria

Country: Argentina
Type: River

Location size
River: 150 km

Distance from
Corrientes Airport: 35 km
Corrientes City: 60 km

Lodge and services
Turism of Corrientes

Located at the east of Corrientes - Argentina, above the confluence of the Paraguay River is the Upper Paraná River. Here the Paraná is a tailwater as it is still not tinged brown by the dark Paraguay River. This section of river is one of the finest Dorado fishing in the world.

Fishing upon a Gold Mine in Argentina. This section of the Paraná river is one of the finest Dorado fishing in the world.

How To Get There

Anglers can fly to Buenos Aires - Ezeiza International Airport and take a one - hour flight to Corrientes - Fernando Piragine Niveyro Airport.

From Corrientes Airport, take RN12 30 kms North, and you will see the Paso de la Patria entrance on the left, where you need to take a 10 km route towards the town and Paraná River.

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Location Details

Paso de la Patria: Stands out for its long and beautiful beaches, for the immense Paraná River and its rich ichthyofauna (more than 220 species live in this river). Paso de la Patria was a necessary passageway for the royal militia during the War of the Triple Alliance.

It is situated in the north east of Argentina, near the emblematic Argentine Iguazú Falls.
This picturesque town with sandy streets, hidden among the lush vegetation, is
considered to be home of Dorados, chosen by worldwide fishermen who travel to this land just to live the challenging and unforgettable experience of catching the so called Tiger of the Parana.

It is there that it takes place, once a year, The National Catch and Release Fishing Tournament for Dorados. Clear waters where the tiger warrior Dorado, the coveted Pacú, the fast Pirá Pitá and other species are waiting to challenge us.



The Dorado is one of the leading exponents in terms of freshwater sport fish all over the globe. It is recognized worldwide as a warrior, mostly known for its size, its violent jumps and fighting spirit.    

Fly Fishing for Dorados will demand our full attention and will force us to maximize the precision in long casts above rocky islands and fallen trees, where "the king" lies in wait. We will need greater skills than usual to cast big streamers, using a good "double haul", so that seconds later, we will see bright golden waves and jumps that will arouse an indescribable feeling of euphoria and happiness, that will carve this trip for ever in our memory.

Pirá Pitá

The Fly fishing of Pirá Pytá is done with small dry flies or nymphs, and with light equipment. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive fishing that our region offers. This fishing requires accurate casts and good presentation upon transparent waters which reveals the presence of the fish to the angler's sharp eyes.

This species is manifested in unexpected and violent takes, or subtle and sneaky sips. The whistle of the reel shows the speed of their intense and sustained runs. The exciting fly fishing of Pirá Pitá, can generate addiction to any fisherman in the world.

How To Fish

Big muddler head streamers with lead eyes are used for fishing Golden Dorados, #2/0 to # 4/0 hook sizes. 

On the other hand, we use dry flies for Pirá Pitás, good size of Chernobyl #10 to # 1/0 , or one of our guide´s invention, the so called Ututu. 

We also use flies that imitate local fruits. The extreme dimension of the Paraná river makes us feel it is unattainable, making it only fishable by flat platforms style boats. You will typically drift through clear waters near the banks casting to logs, rocks and vegetation at a distance of 50 to 80 feet.



The ideal outfit to develop the fly fishing of Golden Dorados:

We recommend #7/8/9 fast action rods, so the big streamers with lead eyes don´t bother your casting. Large arbor reel, must have a good brake. The backing should be well loaded (150 yards).

You will need tropical fly lines for saltwater. We advise you to bring one clear/sinking tip and one floating line. We will use 9 feet 12/20 Lb leaders.

Dorado flies are big streamers tied in #1/0 al #5/0 hooks. Every fly will be tied to a stainless steel knottable leader of not less than 8 inches long and 10 to 25 Lb. test strength.

The right equipment for Pirá Pitá:

The Fly fishing of Pirá Pitá is done with light equipment, rods and lines ranging from #4 to #6. This subtle fishing allows us to think on a delicate cast and a good presentation of the fly with floating lines, so the powerful line and rod are not the main issue. Even though it is advisable to use strong saltwater leaders, you can also use fluorocarbon leaders or otherwise, wire leaders of 10 Lb.

Bring back up rods for dorados in case of breakage.


Practical Info

The Fishing season starts on December 22nd and ends on November 10th. Best Fishing season: From January to May and From September to November.

License is required throughout the whole fishing area.                     

Catch and release is being applied.

Lodge and services


Golden Fly Fishing receives its guests in an environment of absolute privacy and warmth. The lodge is a colonial - rural style house, placed at only 50 meters from the river with private acces, surrounded by a park with a great variety of mature and regional trees which families of Carayá monkeys like to frequent during the mornings.

Golden offers complete and high quality services, with an All inclusive program from the Airport of Corrientes city, specialised guiding, fishing, board and lodging.Facilities & Services.

- Accommodations at the exclusive Golden Fly Fishing Lodge

-Capacity: 8 rods

-Dining room, sitting room, bar, fly-tying table

-Personal Chef for each group of anglers.
The Menu includes specialities from this region of the country besides Argentina's famed beef and traditional Asados (BBQs) and delicious desserts

- Fine Argentinian wine and beer is available free of  charge.

- Ground transfers to/from Airport/Bus station of Corrientes city

- Internet

- Full fishing day with a professional guide every 2 anglers

- Fishing License

- Fine Argentineian wine and beer is available free of charge.

- Flat style boats equipped with 4 stroke motors and electric trolling motor at bow

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