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Plav Region

Country: Montenegro
Type: Lake, River

Location size
Lake: 199 ha
River: 29 km

Distance from
Podgorica: 188 km
Belgrade: 402 km
Dubrovnik: 307 km

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The region of Plav, on the north-east of the Republic of Montenegro, with its fantastic waters is the (fly)fishing paradise. The rivers Lim (fly fishing only 3 km), Ljucha - southernmost destination in Europe with large graylings, the tributaries - Vruja, Grnchar and the Plav's lake (natural glacial lake) make an unreal ambient that takes breath away to any admirer of nature and fishing.

The dreams and wishes of every fisherman come true in Plav, whatever technique of fishing you use. You can chose between severe trophy fishes, pikes and endemic lake trout-so called „the muddy trout", playing with sly grayling, unpredictible brown trout or scary huchen. In the waters of Plav region the fishes reach their genetic maximum. For example, the biggest captured huchens had around 41 kg, graylings to 2,5 kg, lake trout could reach weight till 10 kg, but most of them reach weight from 3 to 6 kg. Every captured pike must be released,even the ones with the length more than 120 cm.

Fly Fishing paradise in Montenegro.

How To Get There

By plane you can get to Belgrade, Sarajevo, Podgorica or Tivat. If you travel by car there are the following instructions:

From Podgorica via Kolašin, Bijelo Polje and Berane
From Sarajevo via Višegrad, Priboj, Bijelo Polje and Berane
From Beograd, along the Ibar Highway to Berane or Adriatic Regional Road via
Zlatibor, Bijelo Polje and Berane
From Niš via Prokuplje, Brus, Novi Pazar and Berane

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Location Details

Plav lake with its tributary Ljuca and flux river Lim that tribute to Drina and Danube basin, make a perfect spot for water-sport admirers (fishing, swiming, sailing and kayaking). Plav lake gets clear and cold water from the river Ljuca (length 16 km) that flows into Plav lake. The river Ljuca is the southernmost destination in Europe for grayling fishing. Lower part of the river (section long 1,5 km is fly fishing only).

Flyfishers are thrilled by numerous of different kinds of insects which hatches give a wonderfull experience for true adorer of dry-fly flyfishing. The entomologists have counted till 20 hatches of different species on a daily bases.


Location Details - Plav's Lake

Wikipedia: Plav's Lake (Lake Plav) is a glacial lake located between the Prokletije and Visitor mountains. Its average width is 920 m, and its maximum depth is nine meters.

The best way to fish the lake is from a boat, except a few spots near delta of Ljuča where bank fishing/wading is possible. Banks and vegetation are the best areas for pike and chub fishing. Deeper parts of the lake are good for trout and huchen.

Location Details - River Ljuca

Wikipedia: River Grnčar (Lim) receiving stream Vruje from the right at Gusinje, it continues as Ljuča for a few more kilometers where it empties into the Lake Plav.

There is a fly fishing C&R section near Plav's lake.

Location Details - River Lim

Wikipedia: The Lim rises below Maglić peak in the Kuči area of eastern Montenegro, very close to the Albanian border, under the name of Vrmoša and after only few kilometers it crosses over to Albania. Passing through Prokletije mountains and the village of Vermosh, it re-enters Montenegro under the name of Grnčar. Receiving stream Vruje from the right at Gusinje, it continues as Ljuča for a few more kilometers where it empties into the Lake Plav, creating small delta. It flows out of the lake to the north, next to the high mountain Visitor, under the name Lim for the remaining 197 km (122 mi).


In the rivers and Plav lake one can find almost all kind of salmonids: grayling, brown trout, ”muddy“ trout (the beautifull lake trout that is resident only is this part of the world), huchen (danube salmon), chub, pike and burbot. The size of brown trout in fly fishing only area of rivers Lim and Ljuca is between 25 to 50 cm.

The “muddy” trout from lake reaches on average 4-5 kg. Grayling is mostly between 30 and 35 cm long, but it is not rear to catch fish larger than 40 cm and thre are some large specimen of 50 cm and more.

All fish in Plav region are wild! This means that local fish species were never mixed with any imported species. So these fishes are indigenous, they are the real fighters!



Universal tackle for Plav region (lake and rivers) will be in AFTMA class #5. For River Lim we recommend lighter tackle when water is low - #3 or #4 rods & fly line.  For grayling fishing you need a floating fly line with a longer leader and a tippet between 0,10 to 0,14 mm (it depends on time of the year).

For the Plav Lake consider fly rods up to AFTMA #7 and floating, intermediate and sinking lines.


The local fish prefere the imitations of the following flies: BWO 14-18, Sedges 10-18, Palmers 14-18, Ants 16-20. For nymphing the flies that will work well are: Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Caddis Pupa etc.

Steamer fishing is possible, especially on the Plav Lake.

Practical Info

The flyfishing only - C&R area in Plav is opened during the whole year. Other fishing areas on rivers and Plav's lake opent the season on April 1st and close on October 1st. Grayling fishing is not alowed between February 15th and May 15th.

The best month for fly fishing in Plav region are: June, July and October.

These waters in Plav region are managed by the sport-fishing club "Plavsko jezero" from Plav. Contact: Omar Basic, the club president, e-mail: [email protected], tel.+382 69 418 408

The area has various accommodation offers and related services (boat rental, fishing equipment, fishing guides). The best way to get whatever you want for you pleasant stay and fishing here is to make a contact with the above mentioned fishing club.

Recommended accomodation includes: Apartman Duce, Aqua ethno settlement or Hotel Komnenovo - ethno village.

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