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Country: Iceland
District: Skagafjordur
Type: River

Location size
River: 22 km

Distance from
Reykjavik: 288 km
Akureyri: 94 km

General info

The Huseyjarkvisl river is truly a fly fishing gem. With wild salmon and trout stocks that are on the rise. Due to a recent catch and release policy the river offers some fantastic fly fishing for sea trout and salmon that seem to grow bigger every year.

It flows through the historical region of Skagafjordur - former home of Iceland's most powerful klan in the viking era. History and horses are this areas biggest attraction.

The Huseyjarkvisl river is truly a fly fishing gem in Iceland.

How To Get There

From Reykjavik take route 1 north through Borgarnes to Varmahlid, a small town in the Skagafjordur region. Take a right turn just before crossing the bridge over the river and there you will find the lodge.

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Location Details

From the waterfall Reykjafoss the river gets a new name and the salmon fishing area begins. For the first few hundred meters it runs through a small gorge with two named pools on the way. When it passes the gorge the terrain opens up and shortly below you'll find the best pool in the river - Laxhylur.

The river flows majestically through grassy fields towards the glacial water of the Heradsvotn glacial river. Just below the lodge the river slows down and there anglers typically find more brown trout and sea trout. From the area where the gorge opens up there is a vehicle track that goes a long way downstream.

If water levels are normal and anglers have a large vehicle there is a chance to cross the river by car. If not one has to go back and use a different track to go further. There is easy access to most parts of the river as long as anglers keep in mind to close all gates when they cross.

All pools are named on the salmon area but numbers in the trout area. The salmon tend to lie in the same place every year and so do the sea trout. The brown trout can be found all over the river.

The river offers both faster water and slow and deep pools but in general these are high banks on one side and a gravel bank on the other.

The Skagafjordur region was the setting of some of the most violent battles in viking times as it was the region of one of the most powerful viking klans in Iceland.


The Huseyjarkvisl holds atlantic salmon, brown trout, sea trout and the occasional arctic char.

The salmom range from 5-20 pounds in size with the occasional fish over 20 pounds caught. The sea trout generally range from about 40 - 90 cm with the average being around 60 cm long. Brown trout range from about 40 - 70 cm.

The salmon season starts in late June and runs through September. The sea trout season starts April 1. and runs through April into early May when the brown trout starts to dominate. Then the sea trout comes back in late August and finishes the season until October 10.

How To Fish

The salmon fishing is done mostly with small doubles, floating line and a long leader. Hitching is very popular, affective and extremely fun. For brown trout upstream nymphing is preffered but for the sea trout streamer fishing is most productive.

Single handed rods size 6-9 are preferred. Double handed rods an option in the lower beat for sea trout. Floating lines for the salmon and trout during high summer but sink tip lines in the spring and late autumn.

Practical Info

The river is fished with a maximum of 5 rods at the same time during salmon season and 3 rods before and after the salmon season. This river can be waded easily in most places and only the deepest and fastest pools are difficult to wade in. In the spring from April 1. - approx May 10. the sea trout are still in the river but on their way back to sea. This is a great time to be fishing but weather conditions can be harsh. From mid May - June 25. the best brown trout fishing is to be had and than when the salmon beat opens the salmon fishing starts for real.In late August the sea trout start coming back and they are running until the end of the season.Anglers are not required to fish with a guide but it is recommended.This is a fly only, catch and release river with catch rates of 2009 at 280 salmon and over 600 trout.

The fishing season starts on April 1. and ends on October 10. Some parts of the river have limited opening from June 25. - September 25.

Licence is required since this is a private fishery.

Full catch and release policy is in the river.

River rafting on nearby glacial rivers, horse back riding and other fun stuff
General info


There is a lodge by the river that has three double bed rooms and a sleeping attic that sleeps about 3-4 adults. There is a bathroom w. Shower in the lodge as well as a kitchen, living room, hot tub and wader drying room. The lodge is centrally located only about 200 meters from the river.

Iceland Angling Travel runs the lodge in co-operation with the river's lease holder. All services for anglers can be optained at Iceland Angling Travel. Full board, fishing permits, guide service.

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