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Beauchene Lakes

Country: Canada
District: Quebec
Type: Lake

Location size
Lake: 20.000 ha

Distance from
Toronto: 420 km
North Bay: 66 km
Temiscaming: 20 km

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This exclusive territory is located in the Western part of the province of Quebec, Canada.  A collection of forty lakes situated on the border of the St. Lawrence and Boreal forest regions part of the Canadian Shield and only kilometers from the head waters of the Ottawa River.

Fifty-thousand acres of wild Canadian country with 40 excellent fishing lakes.

How To Get There

This exclusive territory is accessible by road and located near the town of Témiscaming, Québec, all anglers must register with La Reserve Beauchêne before angling.  Travel options are to drive to North Bay, Ontario where the major highways 11 & 17 intersect, then take highway 63 to Témiscaming, Québec. Another option would be to fly commercial or private into Toronto or North Bay, Ontario and then drive to the lodge in Témiscaming, Québec.

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Location Details

La Reserve Beauchêne has exclusive rights for Fishing, Hunting and Trapping on 50,000 acres with 40 lakes supporting 7 species of game fish in the province of Québec.

This extraordinary combination of species is supported by the scope, surprising diversity and quality of its lake environments.  Eighteen of the forty lakes are over 1 km long - Lac Beauchêne is close to 20 km long and over 92 m deep.

All of the lakes are forest bordered and lined with submerged logs, blow-downs, boulders and other fish-attracting structures.  Even the smaller lakes have the depth required to provide the oxygen needed to support the fish over the Québec winters.


Beauchêne Lakes are home to probably the widest variety of game species of any single area of Québec: Small-mouth Bass, Lake Trout and Brook (Speckled) Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, Whitefish - and even Splake, (a Brook Trout - Lake Trout hybrid).

How To Fish

While dry fly fishing - (including bass poppers) - is popular for evening fishing, sinking tips and fully sinking lines are most practical. The majority of fly-fishing is done casting from a boat to a variety of shoreline structures using minnow patterns. Fishing deeper with a sinking line is not uncommon while angling for lake trout and walleye in warmer water conditions (June-August).

Recommended flies

Brook Trout & Splake patterns: (May-June) - Silver Darter, Mayflies, Wooly Buggers beaded and regular, Black Nose Dace, Mickey Finn, Beauchene Bug, Restigo. (July- August) Dragon Fly nymph, Black Nose Dace, Clouser Minnow, Clouser Crab. Sizes 2-6.

Lake Trout Patterns: Magog Smelt, Mickey Finns, Clouser Minnow, Silver Doctor, Wonder Minnow. Streamer X2 Size 2-4

Smallmouth Bass: Bright colored Wooly Bugger, Crystal Wooly Bugger, Poppers, Beauchene Bugs, leech patterns, Clouser Crab. Sizes 2-4

Northern Pike: Pike Bunny, BC Perch, Pike Bomber, Deceiver, Wonder Minnow. Sizes 1-2

Walleye: Dragon Fly Nymph, Clouser Crab, Clouser Minnow, Beauchene Bug. Sizes 2-4

Whitefish: Hare's Ear, Mayfly Nymph. Sizes 10-12

Please see the extensive range of fly patterns available from flyfishingpoint on-line shop.


Fly rods in the 5 - 7 wt class rods are most practical with matching floating, sinking tip and full sinking lines. Tippet materials should include 3-8lbs, also include wire tippet material for the toothy Northern Pike.

Practical Info

Most fishing takes place between May and October with Smallmouth Bass fishing open all year, Walleye and Northern Pike opens in mid May, Lake Trout and Natural Brook trout closing in mid September, stocked Brook Trout, Splake and Whitefish fishing is available all year.

Prior to arrival (or when you reach Beauchene) anglers can reserve one of the 40 Back lakes, on a first-come, first served basis, on which your boat will often be the only one. 

To preserve the fishery a modified catch-and-release program is strictly practised. This allows anglers to keep fish for a classic Canadian 'shorelunch' or to eat during their stay.

Non resident licenses are required. All licenses and guiding services are available at the Lodge.

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All anglers must register with La Reserve Beauchene. Anglers have the option of reserving under the American Plan at the Main Lodge, or housekeeping at one of our Outpost Camps, or even camping at our Bear Bay Campground. Unless you are staying at one of our Outposts or camping at Bear Bay (when you will to bring your own food and sleeping bags), all stays at La Reserve Beauchene are American Plan with meals, bedding, towels, boats and motors, gasoline and oil provided.  Electric motors and batteries are provided for use in those lakes where they are required.  Boats, motors and fuel are also supplied to guest staying at the Outposts, of course, but are extra for campers who do not bring their own.

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