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Grosse Wiese

Country: Germany
District: South Baden
Type: River, Stream

Location size
River: 55 km

Distance from
Basel: 40 km
Freiburg: 60 km

Local Fishing Club Site

For many reasons, including the scenery and the quality of the trout fishing, the Grosse Wiese is one of the best streams in the Southern Black Forest. Rising on Mount Feldberg, highest mountain in the Black Forest, the River Grosse Wiese flows into the River Rhine. It rises from a height of 1200 meters and drops in level over its length to about 200 meters. This steep gradient creates flast flows especially when the river is high with snow-melt in Springtime.

Premier fly-fishing in the Wiesental National Park in the Black Forest.

How To Get There

Take the Highway A5 (E35) from south or north, and leave it at the Lörrach (E54) exit. Follow the road signs (B317) to the towns of Steinen/Schopfheim/Zell im Wiesental. In Zell im Wiesental you will find plenty of parking places near the riverside with direct water access. Parking is also available on the upper part of this stretch.

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Location Details

The whole Stretch of “grosse Wiese” – from spring (Mountain Feldberg) to River Rhine (close to Basel) is about 55km long. There are a lot of different sections, in the possession of different owners (Fishing Clubs, private Persons). These circumstances will make the selection of the best stretch very difficult for tourists, because the rules will be all over there quite difference and sometimes not reasonable.

We know the whole stretch and here, we pick out the very best stretch for you (see the next page).

Location Details - Wiesental Stretch

The 1 km long section from the upper limit of fishing (near Künabach) to below the small village of Niederhepschingen, the river is a fast-flowing mountain torrent. This provides genuinely-good, wild, trout fishing over a rocky bottom, about 5-8 metres wide and up to a metre deep. Further downstream, the river channel widens and the current slows, flowing over four weirs, each offering a place to catch trophy-sized trout.The biggest trout caught here (30 years ago), was a Brown Trout of 120 cm. There is easy access to this part of the river (total stretch is about 8.5 km long).


The "Grosse Wiese" holds brown trout, and rainbow trout, but you can catch also whitefish in the area of weirs.

How To Fish

During spring months with high water levels, it is preferable to fish with a heavy nymph – imitations of gammarus, caddis larvae, jigs and gold-head type flies, or with heavy streamers. The wonderful dry fly season starts with the onset of May/June, when the trout feed on surface insects such as mayflies or caddis Flies. Dry flies such as the Olive Dun, March Brown, Bucktail Caddis Fly, are effective at this time, usually in sizes from 16 to 12.


We recommend an AFTMA 7 rod 9ft long for streamer fishing and a clear intermediate to a fast sinking line (it depends on water level and place where you choose to fish). Choose an AFTMA 5/6 rod 9-11ft for nymphing and dry fly fishing. Floating lines are all that are needed here (although, when fishing in spring and in the deep pools of weir, you may wish to use a sinking line). Tippets in the 6-8lb range are needed as some of these fish are large and fight hard and will use any kind of structure to hide and tangle your line. Since the river can be difficult to wade, high waders are a must. Be careful of numerous boulders in the river bed.

Practical Info

The fishing season starts on 16th April and ends on 30th September. Outside the fishing season fishing is not allowed.

In Germany you will need a State Fishing Licence. You may obtain this State Licence in the City Hall, in the town which you stay. Also, you need an extra fishing permit for the River Grosse Wiese. A daily permit is available.

You are premitted to keep 3 trout per day per rod.

Guiding Service and permits for RiverGrosse Wiese
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