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Swiss Doubs

Country: Switzerland
District: Jura
Type: River

Location size
River: 25 km

Distance from
Bern: 90 km
Basel: 63 km
Zürich: 138 km

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The Doubs is a typical chalk stream.  Long pools with varied depth alternate with shallow rapids. The gravel beds offer live capacity for a variety of water plants, where the bigger fish find hiding places.

The famous chalk stream in the Swiss Jura mountains.

How To Get There

Quite easy access from Bern (90 km) or Basel (63 km), by car or by train. Starting point for fishing trips is always the medieval town of St. Ursanne.

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Location Details

The part of the Doubs described here is beginning where the river enters  Switzerland near Soubey.

Free flowing in a nature reserve, the river is making his way in a green valley. A small road is following the river, which makes access easier.

Descending by boat is possible, but the rocky rapids below Soubey are recommended only if you are a very good canoeist. This upper part is the best place for trout. Below these rapids, the road ends and you have to walk. By riving St. Ursanne to Tariche you can reach the middle part, which is best for grayling. From St. Ursanne down to the Swiss border, the river gets slower and pike, perch and carp fish dominate. Nevertheless- if you look for the very big zebra trout - that's your place.


The river is inhabited by the famous zebra trout, a indigenous and very old trout species. This trout grows up to 1 Meter and more, but most fish are about 35-50 cm. Apart of these beauties, there are nice grayling, different types of smaller carp fish and in the lower parts also pike and perch.


Most flyfishermen prefer longer rods for the Doubs, like 9 foot AFTMA 6, but experienced casters are quite happy with 7 foot AFTMA 5 or even less. Please note that only hip waders are allowed (high waders prohibited by law). Barbless hooks only.

How To Fish

Best fishing during the day is upstream fishing in the shallow, fast flowing parts of the river. In the dryfly season use small sedges or the typical "cul de canard" in sizes 14-18 (colour depending on natural insects).

Excellent dry fly fishing on warm evenings between 9pm and 11pm (mayflies, sedge). Nymphing is most effective for grayling with smaller nymphs sizes 14-22. For the bigger trout and pike, streamer may be effective (best in slightly troubled water).

Practical Info

The river is fished best at a water level of 10- 25m3. When the season starts, the water is cold and in many years very high (not recommended for flyfishermen).

Best fishing is always when the temperature of water is reaching 12-14 Degrees Celsius. Then the first hatches of smaller mayfly (sizes about 14) attract the grayling and trout to rise from about 1000am until the evening. Cloudy days are always far better, and miracles occur where you can see all the fish rising if you are lucky to have light, warm rain.

If you don't have these circumstances, you will need a guide to find the fish near their hiding places- there's no day you will not find a rising fish. For beginners a guide is strongly recommended, and even the experienced are sometimes disappointed when the fish are very delicate.

On the Doubs, the trout may rise around you and if you don't find the right fly, you have no chance.  Use long leaders and small flies in quiet pools. The most exciting fishing is the night fishing in June, when the big trout go for the hatching sedge. You'll have to listen where the fish is, and often you will be surprised how silent big fish can rise.

The Fishing season starts the first weekend in March and ends on September 30. Best fishing is in May, June and September. Graylings are protected until end of may.

Licenses (1 day or 1 week) can be bought in the fishing shop in St. Ursanne and in many restaurants and hotels along the river.

There is no catch and release stretch, but daily catch is limited to three trout/ grayling a day and 8 a week. Dry fly only is applied around Soubey in the upper part of the Swiss stretch of the Doubs.

Medieval town- worth visiting
That's where the lodge is
Local angling society
There you get the fishing permits


Swiss Bamboo Rods offers services like guiding and organises for you any type of accomodation. Equipment available for rent (like bamboo or carbon rods, waders, vests, flies). Our lodge, situated in the small town of Soubey up from St. Ursanne is open to our guests on request. One appartment for two persons, the old wood house (big bed) or the group accomodation (up to 6 people) welcome you.


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